Eugene Cooper PhD

Vice President Formulation

CTO, Drug Delivery Elan, VP R&D NanoSystems, Sterling Winthrop, Alcon, Proctor & Gamble. Gene has over 50 patents on drug formulation and delivery. He spent all of his working life developing formulations for skin, eye and oral administration and was instrumental in developing Elan’s nanoparticle formulations.

Dr. Cooper most recently was the Vice President of R&D and Chief Technical Officer for Elan Drug Delivery. In 1998 Elan purchased NanoSystems, the first pharmaceutical nanotechnology company that Dr. Cooper helped found, based on his department’s research at Sterling Drug. Dr. Cooper was Executive Director of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Sterling Drug after he left a similar position in 1989 at Alcon Labs. He joined Alcon Labs in 1984 after a decade of research at the Procter and Gamble Company. He has a PhD in theoretical physical chemistry and has been conducting research and development in drug delivery for over thirty years.